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  1. Tank you guys so much for trying! I have tried the http://enml-editor.ping13.net/ , i have tried opening the files in text edit, in crhome, in safari, in bbedit. I changed the extenion to .html and .xhtml, and .xml. No go.
  2. These were definitely not local. No matter the location, I have the files. I just need to open them. I contacted Evernote Via Twitter - don't want to have to buy a monthly subscription just to have email support. No way to read or edit .enml files as far as I can tell. Can't even import into Evernote.
  3. I tried the web client, app cleaner, no go. As a test I created a new user. So now I have 2. Locally on my mac, the two different users have two different numbers indicating the two users. The old folder of salvaged data (a third folder) has the same number for the user. But, it has different sub folder names for the notes I took. So It seems like the devices did matter. I just need to access my local files! At the end I have lost notes. And the database files... and no way to get those notes back.
  4. I need help getting back deleted notes. This happened a week or so ago. TLDR: I had a mixup with devices and my basic account. That resulted in me losing my notes. I still have the source .enml files, but can't open them. What do I do? I can't contact support with my basic account, so I'm writing here. --------- I have a basic account, so only 2 devices can be used. My laptop was associated with my account, but the motherboard broke, so I replaced it. That meant that my computer was recognized by Ev
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