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  1. Thanks @Ataraxicfor the solution. If only I hadn't stopped using Evernote because it wasn't worth a monthly fee to me. This reminds me to close my forum account too.
  2. It certainly wasn't a known practice to me. Some advertising. It is just annoying and makes me want to ditch Evernote. How do I know how many pages there should be when there is no print preview? it isn't possible to tell the printer to print all but the final page.
  3. How comforting to know that Evernote is comfortable enough stealing paper, that it doesn't feel the need to comment.
  4. I printed a pdf from a web page. It should have been one page. TWO pages printed. On the second there was only an advertisement from Evernote saying I feel this is unacceptable behaviour and Evernote should NEVER use any users print media to promote itself. 1. You have stolen a page of my paper. 2. Of course I know - you have been popping up reminders top right of the browser for xxxxxx months! That in itself has been a significant annoyance, as I could not get on with what I was doing until I clicked a button to dismiss the pop up. I have disabled the add-in for Firefox, which makes Evernote less useful but at least gives me peace. 3. Your grammar is wrong. There should not be an apostrophe in PDFs. It is not "of PDF" 4. You are not doing your best to save the planet. This waste is absolutely unnecessary. To upload an image, I had to reduce the size because I am only allowed to upload a total of 501.76kb! That is without doubt the smallest upload limit I have come across since broadband.
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