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  1. Ahhh, ok. I did turn a brow when I saw the "Market" piece but had figured it was just a business thing where they use different names for different functions but it's still kind of all the same thing in a way. Like Alphabet to Google to Google Play. Either way, thanks for the info. I'm way past the 30 days anyway.
  2. Yes, the software itself is free, but I was speaking primarily of the premium subscription. I'm a wee bit fed up with Evernote so I probably wasn't as clear as I could have been. This is the site I was referring to and the policy I was speaking to is the last paragraph that I've included below https://evernote.com/market/returns/ The Evernote Market – Return Policy "We do not accept returns or provide any refunds for purchases of Evernote Premium, Evernote Business, e-Books, or any other product available to you for use or download immediately after purchase".
  3. I have tried for almost 3 months now to get used to Evernote, but it is the worst product I have ever used. For instance, WHY DOES THIS TEXT BOX ON A FORUM HAVE MORE FORMATTING OPTIONS THAN THE PREMIUM PRODUCT YOU ARE SELLING?! I should just take my notes on this forum for free. It takes me an unreasonable amount of time to use sub- and superscripts because when I subscript and try to continue typing, everything remains in subscript...so I subscript the part I want and then uncheck subscript--but wait a minute--now everything I just formatted has changed on its own. For example, I am trying to write C2H4F2 which I can EASILY do in this text box, but in Evernote for Mac it turns from C2H4F to C2H4F when I highlight Fluorine and uncheck subscript. On a different but related note, and as others have mentioned, why is there not even a strikethrough shortcut option? That option has been available on every note taking product since word processing software was invented. Oh and why in baby Jesus's name can't you unlock grid placement for images. It would be brilliant if I could affix an image next to the note rather than only above or below text. Not only is it easier to reference side-by-side, but then your users could have a better look at notes below. Like these are basic functions I can get on OneNote which I was using for free before paying for this trash software. The reason I switched was because of the positive reviews I found online, but they must have been for PC/Android because your Mac interface is abysmal. Also, you have different notebook stacks, but you aren't able to color code them. If I were to go to a store and they only sold one color of notebooks, that store probably sucks or isn't in the business of selling note taking products. Are you in the business of selling note taking products? Another reason why I'm absolutely infuriated is because I checked your return policy, and would you look at that, you don't do refunds on downloadable content, so thanks for that. I can't even ask for a refund. So moving forward, as a customer, here's what I would like to see: (A) a refund of my money or (B) you get your ***** together in the next 9 months and update your Mac software.
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