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  1. Ahhh, ok. I did turn a brow when I saw the "Market" piece but had figured it was just a business thing where they use different names for different functions but it's still kind of all the same thing in a way. Like Alphabet to Google to Google Play. Either way, thanks for the info. I'm way past the 30 days anyway.
  2. Yes, the software itself is free, but I was speaking primarily of the premium subscription. I'm a wee bit fed up with Evernote so I probably wasn't as clear as I could have been. This is the site I was referring to and the policy I was speaking to is the last paragraph that I've included below https://evernote.com/market/returns/ The Evernote Market – Return Policy "We do not accept returns or provide any refunds for purchases of Evernote Premium, Evernote Business, e-Books, or any other product available to you for use or download immediately after purchase".
  3. I have tried for almost 3 months now to get used to Evernote, but it is the worst product I have ever used. For instance, WHY DOES THIS TEXT BOX ON A FORUM HAVE MORE FORMATTING OPTIONS THAN THE PREMIUM PRODUCT YOU ARE SELLING?! I should just take my notes on this forum for free. It takes me an unreasonable amount of time to use sub- and superscripts because when I subscript and try to continue typing, everything remains in subscript...so I subscript the part I want and then uncheck subscript--but wait a minute--now everything I just formatted has changed on its own. For example, I am trying to
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