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  1. Will do and I think you're right, not upgrading is a good strategy.
  2. The last release of Evernote basically does not work, if you are on iPad: - notebooks set for offline download ... don't .... download. - notes you input on the ipad don't save. - when I perform a function: select a note, select a notebook, and more.... it takes 6-15 seconds to complete and about 40% of the time, I just get, e.g. "Error Loading Note request timed out." For nostalgia I went back to Jason Kincaid's blog post on how buggy the 2013 release was and then Phil Lubin (founder/ceo, now left ) response, about how they were going to focus on software quality and better releases. Well, this is is the worst release yet. I am going to seriously look at exporting my data and looking at other solutions.
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