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  1. Thanks Jefito - I get that the two account approach could work, but logging back and forth is a pain - Evernote have been given enough gripe for slow mobile apps for example, and key for me is to quickly get an idea, whether personal or business, or a business card into my central note point quickly.... - plus you'd need to pay for 2 accounts if you wanted the full set of features... Appreciate the reply, cheers Steve.
  2. I'd like to see something like this too - my reason, and I imagine others have the same problem - is that I have a personal Journal notebook in my Evernote account... so there are personal notes that I dont want to appear on my home screen, as I'll often be screensharing with colleagues and clients. Seems if Evernote is meant to be your one point of note taking, it needs to be able to stop the display of sensitive data... If anyone has any ideas on how to hide journal entries please shout, but it just sounds like it doesnt work with the Evernote system (and maybe its too complicated for them to want to bother with...) Cheers, Steve
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