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  1. Hopefully this gets to the right eyes, wish I could file a Jira ticket directly. This is a small annoyance with tagging but makes it a huge hassle to use for me. Something that happened to me today - note that the tags I am mentioning are case sensitive I already at the tag 'API' used somewhere. Now I want to tag something with 'apply' I type 'a' - now auto complete changes this to 'A' since API shows up at the top of the list. then I type 'p' and now have 'Ap' - now auto complete changes it to 'AP' since API shows up at the top of the list. The only way to get the tag I want is to do something like this: Type 'a' - auto complete changes to 'A' as mentioned before Type another 'a' - now I have 'Aa' - autocomplete doesn't change this because I don't have any similar tags. Type out the rest of the tag - 'Aapply' Go back and delete the first 'A' Two recommendations I have - 1. For tag autocomplete - key off of the case also. 'a' is not the same as 'A' and should not be treated as such. If I have tags starting with both 'a' and 'A' why would you show me the ones that start with 'A' first when I type 'a' 2. If the user types 'aa' as in my example above, and this doesn't match any tags - CHANGE THE CASE BACK TO WHAT THE USER TYPED - this one is super annoying. I type what I want but you change the text for me like you know what I want to type. There is no way around this and it is frustrating. Even better is don't change the case at all until the user explicitly chooses a tag from auto-complete.
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