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  1. Its all out of scope/off topic at this point, and Im OK with the feedback you have given me, but I would love to see an actual representative of the product at this point speak to some of the new features that could be coming to Evernote?
  2. In my use case, I am not storing code, I am storing commands for various command line interfaces that I need to remember...hence they are notes. What is important to remember is that the platform should not discriminate the use case, but should instead provide the tools and let the users decide how to implement and use case...From what I have read in the few forums I have peaked at today it seems like people suggest the features and "Super Gurus" come in and dissect the request or act as fire control. Consider my upvote and comment as my form of "super support!" to help promote this fe
  3. Okay so this is great but it needs to be added to the OSX desktop and Windows desktop platforms as well, please :-) Critical feature where many of the end users are programmers, sysadmins, scripters, etc.
  4. I want an Evernote linux desktop. Professional developers use this platform and would like to see an installer for it. If there is something I can do to help make this come to life, please let me know on my Github->https://github.com/gnubyte/ I can perhaps use TK Interface and the Evernote API to build a native client in linux that would scale accordingly. Thanks,
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