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  1. I think a dash is a better separator than the dot. I use stackoverflow.com daily and this is the character by convention when having to combine multiple words. I think it is also more easy to read but I'm biased by the fact that it's the way I always use it. bullet.journal bullet-journal Also and this is a very geeky thing but I add a lot of notes with my phone with android and SwiftKey and this application automatically add a space after entering a dot and there is no way to configure that option... SADLY! :(
  2. In my case, with the Windows version (308273) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539), when I search for something, words that are highlighted are those of my previous search until I click on another item than the first one selected. After that, if I click again on the first one, the highlight engine work. That is a workaround but when I just have one result, I cannot click elsewhere and the highlighted words are wrong because they are from the previous search.
  3. It's enough for me. Even if I already paid 4 months ago for Evernote, I will switch to OneNote. A simple task as resizing an image or highlighting text with a color different than yellow or in this case, printing italic text is really boring, not acceptable. I'm afraid of what I can find in the future when I will have too many notes. This is for me, 90$ dumped to the garbage.
  4. TheEvernoteer, I found the same solution as you just before seeing your answer. By the way, the more I see posts from Evernote, the more I see the feature like this one which sounds very weird to not be already implemented in the application. I'm a programmer too and I understand Evernote in some way considering the effort that often looks easy for someone, not a programmer to understand the difficulty to implement the feature. However, in a note software, something like resizing images both for readability but also to fit size for printing (that was my issue), the feature shou
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