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  1. I have a notebook called "incoming" where I drop quick ideas and todo items from my phone. I then create a notebook for each note, as necessary. Is there a way, preferably a keyboard shortcut, to quickly create a notebook with a selected note? Currently, I create a notebook first, and then drag note into it, there must be a better way, since, I imagine, this is a common operation.
  2. I want to be able to quickly turn a note into a notebook with matching title, and put this note into that notebook. Why? As I process my "In" notebook (where each item is a note) - I want to be able to quickly create new project notebook based on the note.
  3. I have two monitors. When I press Ctrl+N window pops up on a wrong monitor (regardless of which monitor Evernote window is on). How do I change that?
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