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  1. This is the second time this has happened. I have 70 notes in my notebook and I click to update a note and systematically every single note appears on the screen in a flash and is deleted. Within seconds, with no way of stopping it, my notebook is now at zero. My life is lost. This is a HUGE bug in Evernote and like I said, it;s not the first time this has happened. I went into trash and every single trash note popped onto the screen and then was deleted. I wasn't even touching my keyboard. All of this simply vanished on the screen in front of me. This is my life and I'm in tears. There's a bu
  2. I'm looking for a calendar that allows me to insert a daily note and will notify me at a designated time each day. Basically, I want to write a journal entry everyday at 10pm. Does Evernote have a product that will send me a reminder everyday at 10pm to write down my journal note? I want to be able to go back over the past month, year, etc. and review my daily notes. I'd like it synced across devices. Can someone help me identify this product? Thanks
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