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  1. Hello Dave-in-Decatur. Thanks for your helpful reply - despite the fact that I am in the wrong forum! However, I think your solution is pointing me to the Evernote Web-server's version of my note. I would much prefer to access my local copy (ie the one on my laptop) as i often do not have internet access. Best wishes, Adrian46
  2. i want to create a shortcut to a SPECIFIC NOTE (not to a specific Notebook - to a specific note) on my Windows 7 based PC (not on a smart phone, nor a Mac etc). I've tried to follow the instructions given (multiple times) in the thread above but cannot - because there are no "Three dots" to tap to open an "overflow menu". There IS something (a down arrow with a bar across the top) on the top right that opens something which might be interpreted as an "overflow menu" - but this menu contains no "Add to home screen" option (it has options like "Reminder", "Present" and "Customize").
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