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  1. For whatever it's worth, I just canceled my Nimbus subscription because I'm going for the AppSumo LTD, and the credit card disappeared from my account as soon as I canceled. I had contacted support earlier to ask if they would keep the credit card on file after I cancled, and he wrote back (within a few minutes!) to say they do not. And that's what happened. So it looks like what happened to you would not happen now, and they learned their lesson. I had something similar recently. A company I'd unsubscribed from years ago suddenly charged me for an annual subscription - on an expired card with an old address, and no way to delete it from the account. After talking to them I believe the company didn't know their payment software was doing this. They refunded the charge, which was good since my credit card company ruled against me in the dispute. I was actually more upset with the card, because they had let through a charge with an obviously out of date card. And they said that's intentional because they assume you don't want your subscription interrupted.
  2. I've clearly explained why EN search is perfectly useless and won't explain it to you again. You seem to have all day to spend on these forums, because you're in every thread about notebook hierarchy, arguing that tags should be just fine. It's not just us. I don't have the kind of time you appear to, because I've got to move everything over to Nimbus Note today and get away from the timesuck that is EN and its user forums. Enjoy having the last word.
  3. Obviously notebooks are analogous to directories. Didn’t realize that needed to be spelled out.
  4. As I said, the various relevant tags in this case included hundreds of notes to skim. Maybe I’m the only EN a user trying to find specific articles I only vaguely recollect. Maybe this is a researcher thing, and EN is for people who live their lives from project to project at work or school, who will finish a project and never need to see the notes for that project again. But I need to be able to retrieve specific notes and web clippings I saw years ago, and more hierarchy is helpful. That’s why computers were designed with directories within directories - that’s how researchers, librarians and academics classify information. I get that EN isn’t for me and doesn’t want to be for me, so I will find another tool.
  5. Again, I hadn't tagged the notes with "meta description" when making them because that wasn't the focus of them at that point. So which tag would I have browsed? Looking now, I see quite a few that could have the notes I needed, and it still adds up to skimming hundreds of notes.
  6. No, it means browsing through each individual note in the notebook. Skimming the content of each note, which is much easier when you have 12 notes in a subnotebook than when you have hundreds in a more general notebook. I'm anticipating someone will next ask why I don't have hundreds of notebooks in stacks to break it all down. I used to, but a lot of the stacks were too similar and it made things confusing. I research hundreds of topics a year, and I find a nested directory structure much more efficient for my brain to find things it only vaguely recalls. It seems clear from this thread that EN could now add the nested notebooks due to the recent changes in the base code, but they still don't understand why it's important to some of us, and that's why I've replied here. Seeing that EN doesn't get it, but Nimbus Note, Notejoy, Notion and OneNote do, I accept that it's time to cancel my subscription and move to one of the others.
  7. Hi Ian, To me, notebooks are for browsing and tags are for search. I use EN for lots of web clippings as well as notes, so people don't always use the same name for things. Yesterday I needed to find all my notes and clippings about the "meta description tag", but some of them didn't come up in search because the authors had called it "the "description" meta tag" or other ways of saying the same thing. And I hadn't tagged the articles "meta description" at the time I saved them, because that hadn't been the focus of those notes at that point. So I went to one of your competitors, where I'd recently imported my Evernote to give it a try. I had made nested notebooks the way I wish I could in Evernote, and all my HTML notes were in a sub-notebook that had few enough notes that I could browse and find the notes I was after. This feature - plus the ability to custom sort notebooks in the sidebar - is so important to me that I've tried a lot of competitors who offer it. All of them lack something I really like from EN, but then EN lacks two features I really need, so I'm going to have to make a choice.
  8. This is helpful. I didn’t realize it was impossible, and that clarifies things. There are lots of other options, but most of them are from startups that may prove no more stable than Evernote has been in recent years.
  9. Another vote for this feature. It seems clear to me that Evernote will never make this available, and they don't care how many customers they lose. I'm a paying customer, and I'm leaving because of this. Notejoy, Nimbus Note, OneNote and a host of others let you nest about as much as you want. Even 1 extra level of nesting from Evernote, and I'd stay because their web clipper is by far the best. Still, it's easier to work around the web clipper issues with another product (and hope it develops the features I need eventually) than deal with not having nested notebooks. Nested folders are how we have all learned to use computers. Search fails if you can't remember the exact words, so effective browsing will always be necessary. And that needs at least one more level of subcategorization than Evernote is apparently willing to give. I don't get it.
  10. This would be terrific. All of the workarounds amount to extra work. I can use a Rocketbook to OCR it and put it straight into Evernote. It’s surprising you can’t just do this with Evernote alone.
  11. I'm having this same issue in Firefox. Sometimes the buttons just hover over images and go away when I move my cursor away. I suspect that's the intended behavior. But other times, they seem to attach to a page, sometimes blocking text (and if I scroll, they move with the text and keep blocking it). Refreshing the page fixes it, but the issue seems to keep coming back. Generally, it's okay on one email, and then on the next it gets stuck. Uninstalling the add-on and reinstalling it does not fix the problem.
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