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  1. Yes, but unfortunately, the feature doesn't extend to the notebooks in a stack nor the notes in a notebook. When I expand a stack, the notebooks can't be arranged according to my preferences.
  2. For the feature I am proposing, it would be in addition to the sorting capability that already exists. So there would be an option to save a "user-defined sort/arrangement" and it would be made available on the drop down list along with all the pre-existing sorts e.g. date added and alphabetical. So for large lists, power users would still be able to keep their lists alphabetical and of course, the search function is available. So when one is sorting by title, any added notebook or note would be added to the list automatically alphabetically. But, when one has chosen the option of a "user defined sort/arrangement" from the drop down menu, new items added would be added to the top. And the user can click and drag the new item into whatever arrangement they choose. When I am doing research, the least useful method of arranging/sorting notebooks for me is alphabetical. I need a way of arranging things with respect to context. That is expressed through the chunking/clumping of related topics along with placing fundamental concepts before more complex concepts. Tags are great for filtering, but the lack of top-level user-defined arrangement makes Evernote ineffective for research. Mind mapping of concepts without context-based arrangement is impossible.
  3. Item "C" could be added to either the top or bottom, automatically. Or if one right clicked on a pre-existing item, a context menu would have an option of inserting item "C" directly after the selected item. Please check out my attached picture. I took a screen shot of One Note 2016. I can easily arrange the notes/pages in any way I want and insert a new note/page by right-clicking a pre-existing note/page and selecting "New Page".
  4. What I mean by "user defined sort" is the ability for the user to sort the list of notebooks or notes according to his or her preference by means of clicking and dragging the notebooks or notes into their desired order. Let item "A" be before item "B". If I click and drag item "A" and place item "A" after item "B", the resulting order will be item "B" comes before item "A".
  5. I love the user interface of Evernote along with the ease of cross-platform syncing. But a huge disadvantage is the inability to create user-defined sorts. In fact, this is a deal breaker for me. I continue to use One Note to my chagrin because the hierarchal order is user defined.
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