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  1. The support team suggested me to uninstall evernote app in apple watch. It work like a magic. Sorry for delay reply.
  2. The New update version 8.4.1 (I updated it today) made my iPhone 7+ crash again after working fine from restore and backup sync (latest issue with 8.4). I tried to do any step but it didn't work. I am boring with this situation (disrupted my work so much). I don't want to spend much more time to restore my iPhone again and sync a lot of processes included Apple Watch paring. So I must be familiar with Other programs instead such as OneNote. The support team has no response for so long.
  3. I found a solution. I tried to restore my iPhone 7+ then sync backup. It worked well but needed to spend more time.
  4. Before I upgraded to evernote 8.4 on iOS 10.x (the first date of evernote updated launch in app store, before iOS 11 launch for updated about 2 days), the app worked fine. After upgraded, I cannot open the application to work, it 's just popping up and crash. However It still appear in the background task when I double click the home button, I can see the app but cannot activate it to work. I read the support page for this situation and tried every instruction on the page. They didn't work. I tried to delete and reinstall many times. The result are the same. After reinstall : I can sign-in an
  5. The note conflicted often in the latest version between the iOS app and the OSX app. It happened when I opened and edited some text in the iOS app after synchronized from desktop (OSX) version. This is a classic problem from the very early version until now. The iOS app should has some sign to inform user that it is already sync with the server before allow user to edit again.
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