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  1. 10 hours ago, DTLow said:

    If money was a concern, I'd get the Plus account.  Do you need the features of a Premium account?  There's also a free Basic account but I consider the limits to low to do serious work

    Evernote provides an editor with basic features, but it doesn't handle graphs or formulas  

    Evernote is more important to me as a digital filing cabinet
    For me, one of the benefits of EN is I can attach files of any type to a note.  
    These can be spreadsheets or word processing documents.  
    This is how I would handle graphs and formulas.  
    My favourite note taking app on my iPad is Notability.
    I use these dedicated apps, and store the files in Evernote

    Hey DTLow,

    Thanks for the response. Yeah I'm going to consider getting Premium as they offer a student discount for it. I'm unsure if they offer one for plus though.

    What apps would you recommend for a Mac that are good for doing graphs and formulas which can later be put into evernote?


  2. Hey guys,

    Just had a few quick questions and hopefully someone in the community here can help me out. I've recently started using evernote and I love the way it formats text and some of the options is offers. Since I'm a student I'm considering getting premium but it all depends since I'm pretty low on money right now since it's been going to other things university related.

    Anyway, I was curious as to if Evernote had the capability of doing things like graphs?

    For example, in my maths lecture, when working with something like a cartesian plane for example, then is there any easy way for me to go about doing this? 

    I was also curious as to if there is anyway for me to do correct mathematical formula formatting? For example, Fractions. This is the way Word does it, and I feel more advanced features for displaying formula's clearly is definitely required! 



    Is there also any way to make custom shapes? I've currently been using tables and changing their colours but having full control over the shape size etc... would be great!


    Thanks and Regards.

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