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  1. Oh !! I get it.. First of all, sorry by the word "pile". I tried translate from Portuguese. But, I just experienced the issue because I tried to use a notebook that was recently opened. Actually I tried with 2 notebooks that I recently opened. When I get down and look for the "same" notebook recently opened, but not in the "recent opened notebooks" sections, I am able to drag, then "Add to Stack" appears and I just need to drop it on (or in) the stack I want to. Thank you very much
  2. Hi I am using Evernote Web but I am not sure if I am in the new or old version. I guess it is the new. Anyway, my question is : how can I insert or move a notebook to a pile already created. I created a pile few months ago and it is already created. Now I created a new notebook and want to add the new notebook to the pile. I tried to drag and drop the notebook, but nothing happens. In the help, there is just information to create new pile. Is there any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi I just start use searching inside images that are attached to a note. However, I realized that sometimes I did a seach, it seems that EN finds the proper note, but it does not show the word it found. I realized that in the Evernote App for Android, it always shows the word if finds in the image. However, in the web app, it finds the note, but it does not shows the word inside the images. Is there a configuration that I need to set? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi I am not able to edit images. However, by the https://help.evernote.com/hc/pt-br/articles/209005587, I should be able to . I tried on Android and Web application, with basic login. I do not have the desktop client because I use Linux. I see that the "text" optinos to edit the note appears. I am able to change font , font color, alignment, etc. But the note is an image exported by an application to Evernote from my Android phone. Is there a way to do that? Or Should I must have to create an image note ? So, what is wrong? Am I doing something not correct. Thanks in advance
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