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  1. THANK YOU!!! Tags are just awful! Call me OCD, but I want to see everything nicely placed within folders and folders and folders I've been requesting this feature from Evernote for years now, but to no avail... I've even given up resisting at one point and tried giving the tag method a fair go I COMPLETELY reorganized my Evernote so as to reduce my dependence on folders and start implementing tags But it's just awful Again, call me OCD, but I can't stand seeing all my notes jumbled together in a single notebook Using only tags to sort them out... It can't be that difficult to implement this Even if we could just do ONE "layer" of double stacks would be incredibly useful
  2. Or am I confabulating? I could have sworn you used to be able send faxes completely free with Scannable, but it appears this functionality has been removed Fortunately, it turns out, Evernote still has a faxing app called HelloFax, but there doesn't seem to be a mobile version Scannable is still cool, but it's basically been reduced to a (really smooth) photography effect It seems the company, if they wanted, could just embed Scannable directly to into Evernote mobile as an effect designed for taking images of documents...
  3. Figured it out: The title of the command has changed to, "Open Note in New Window" Typing that into the Menu Title will work! Thanks
  4. Right clicking shows that the command title has changed to "Open Note in New Window" If you use this Menu Title, the shortcut will work in the new version.
  5. This isn't working for the current version of Evernote/Sierra (6.10/10.12.2) Is there something I can do to get this shortcut? Would be very helpful. Thanks
  6. I use the split-screen functionality of my macbook a lot... pretty much, constantly, and evernote is always up on (at least) one side of my screen. But, every time I do this, the sidebar minimizes. It doesn't completely hide, but it narrows to the point where all you can see are the icons (notes, notebooks, tags, etc...) and I have to manually open it back up with my mouse. This process is often glitchy, for whatever reason, and frustrating in general. It would be nice to have the option to disable this auto-reduction or even to be given a keyboard shortcut that can quickly counter this. They keyboard shortcut might be nicer if there are users out there who wish to do the opposite. Note: I am aware there is a shortcut that allows you to show and hide the sidebar completely. This is not what I am speaking to. Additionally, after the sidebar has already been minimized, the shortcut only "shows" the minimized version after you hide it again, unless, of course, you open it up manually with your mouse. Please and thanks!
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