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  1. What is it about Markdown that is so intimidating to implement? Why are the requests of multiple veteran Evernote users going unanswered? This is really the most basic feature of any modern note-taking utility. I love Evernote, its vision, its history. Ive been using it for 16 years. Gasp!!!! This head-in-the-sand response is not the Sapiens survival instinct at its most powerful.
  2. Please add this. I love paying for Evernote, but it seems silly that an App that costs $2 a year has a far more useful editor than the Evernote client.
  3. The Number One area that needs to get fixed is Performance. This app is almost unusable in its long delay in creating a new note or accessing an existing note. It seems like it actually freezes my phone. iPhone 6Plus.
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