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  1. Manually cleaning EN local cache files stored in ~/Library/Safari/LocalStorage/ did the trick for me, check this post with entire workaround:
  2. ok, here is the solution that worked for me: "I deleted this file and also cleaned the local EN cache files in ~/Library/Safari/LocalStorage/ (search folder for "ever" and delete). I then restarted Safari and installed the 6.11 WC extension and logged in. "
  3. OMG! FINALLY! webguy solution worked for me! Thank you! cleaning up local storage from EN stuff:~/Library/Safari/LocalStorage/ (search folder for "ever" and delete).
  4. same thing: How could I UP the ticket in its importance?
  5. Hey! Having same problem here. Webclipper just plain doesn't work. For months already, actually. OS X El Capitan 10.11.6, Safari 10.0.3, Webclipper 6.11, installed directly from Evernote site. Cookies allowed in Safari Preferences, as is mentioned in previous posts. When I click on elephant button on toolbar - it opens extra tab, asks me to log in, successfully logs in, closes that extra tab and then NOTHING happens. Every subsequent time I click on that button, same extra tab opens for a moment, I see some "success" in tab name, it closes and still - nothing happens. I used webclip for y
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