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  1. Would like to have it be an optional 2-step process to delete PDFs and attachments from notes. Currently it is as easy as deleting text. Would be nice to have a pop-up saying "are you sure you want to delete this attachment" with the standard option box of "do not show this message again" if the user doesn't want the 2-step process. Or perhaps make it so the user has to drag the attachments to the trash manually (where they can perhaps recover them at a later time). At the moment if I hit the backspace button too many times and delete an attachment, the best solution I can find is to try to hit "Undo", but that only works short term (i.e. if I don't leave the note).
  2. Agreed, WAY too easy to delete an attachment - I can delete an attachment as easily as deleting text?? With the tap of the backspace button? If I happen to catch it right away before I leave the note, I can try to Undo but this is not always the case...
  3. It's way too easy to delete a note without realizing it. Would love to see a warning "you are about to delete this note" or pop-up confirming "do you really want to delete this note?". Way better than sifting through the trash to find accidental deletions in the slurry of intentionally deleted notes that perhaps share the same name...
  4. Me too. Would hopefully help the accidental deletion/modification of notes, especially in shared notebooks.
  5. Agreed. Please let us customize the notebook covers. The notes themselves have a thumbnail view of the most recent photo added to the note (that said, it would be nice to be able to lock a primary photo to each note) - it would be great if there was an option to lock a photo to the cover instead of reading through them all. It's not entirely about functionality - it's about being visually pleasing. It's like having the album art available (or not) in iTunes.
  6. But that's not really the point. I don't know about you, but I don't really love digging through the trash for stuff. Unless I diligently empty the trash, I could have several notes with the same name that I would be sifting through to find the right one to recover - also, if I dilgently empty the trash, there's no way to go back if I do, down the road, decide to recover a different version of a note I purposefully deleted. Combined with the fact that there does not seem to be a way to protect an entire note from being accidentally deleted (ie lock a note in place), it only makes sense to at least have a warning that you are about to delete a note.
  7. Yeah, me too. It's way too easy to delete a note. Also, when I'm the only one using a notebook, then I'm the only one to blame, but when it's a shared notebook you're inevitably left asking everyone else what happened to x note. Would love to be able to put a cover on my notebooks as well for easy identification and maybe choose the main photo for each note too... If these features exist, I cannot find them.
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