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  1. Please PLEASE can we have the function where EN will read (and yes write)...that is sync, with Mac Notes (for iCloud)? I am allowed at work to use ONLY iCloud...I am not allowed to use EN at work. It's considered file sharing and a security issue. I will only spend the money on EN subscriptions if I can write notes at work using iCloud, and have them available at the home computer within the EN app. Otherwise iCloud beats EN for me! Please PLEASE bring in this function!
  2. How come, instead of importing, we actually create a way to mirror and/handoff Apple Notes with Evernote? If Evernote could view my Apple Notes, and if Apple Notes could accept my changes made within Evernote, then I would renew my Premium Subscription. Notes does what I need, but Evernote has many more appreciable features that are worth the Premium price, IF AND ONLY if the two formats can sync with one another. Otherwise, I risk duplicating my efforts by keeping two separate formatting programs. (Just as 2Do syncs with Apple Reminders). (I work at an office whose IT team blocks Evernote from our network...but I am allowed to access iCloud.com, which of course contains Apple Notes). It would be nice to do my work (at the office) in Notes, and see the sync on my home Mac, so as to utilize the full functionality from home with reminders, lists, etc).
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