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  1. I know evernote has it's market difference, but basically to my workflow, it's totally unusable without being able to sketch and write notes with the S-Pen in the body. I hate being in the 'walled garden' of a particular vendor which is why I explored alternatives to OneNote, and S-Note, so I thought Evernote who should only care about their core product, their one note-taking service would be ideal. I was wrong, since these other applications have the ability to work on all my devices like Evernote does, except have the benefit of more than simply text. I hope you revisit this issue, even the iPad pro has a pen. You need to be able to immediately install your app, and be able to draw. Note taking isn't about writing down text. It's often also a way to log very quickly simplified network diagrams on a tablet, phone or whatever you have handy. Otherwise it's simply I bring a notebook, sketch it up with a pen, and then take a picture to put it to evernote. That's just stupid. Long story short, when Samsung's two second hacked together app to justify adding pen to a tiny selection of their mobile devices does more than your product, you should revisit what you're doing.
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