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  1. Same for me. I have also had the problem for a few days that I can no longer send emails from my @gmx.de account to Evernote. I don't get any error messages, but the emails never arrive in Evernote. Just contacted Evernote support. They are forwarding the issue to tech support. I am curious... 😁
  2. Unfortunately I upgraded to Evernote Version 10 yesterday. This was a big mistake 🤬 The performance is a disaster Why have the tags moved to the footer? Back to the top!!! Why is there no menu for settings anymore? Where is the Sync button? Why can't I turn off the spellchecker? I have many German and English texts. All English texts I edit are completely underlined in red because my Windows is set to German. I have many snippets/links from websites. Why is the "Go to source" button no longer available, but only after clicking on the web clip? When I want to edit a "Web Clip" or just mark it, the formatting is almost always shot to pieces with "Simplify and make editable".
  3. I would like to have a "fullpage" view of PDFs in Evernote for Windows. Currently the PDFs are always scaled to full width (see the upper view in the attached image). Therefore i always have to scroll down to read/see the whole page of a PDF. I would like to have the option to see the whole page of a PDF at once (see the lower view in the attached image).
  4. Another vote for continous scrolling of PDFs in Evernote for Windows - it is really annoying, to click for every page or to open pdf in external pdf viewer...
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