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  1. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate. I salute you from Argentina
  2. Yes, I have a custom rooted rom (jailbreak in sort of way). It's not an official update. In spite of, I had used the app normally any time. Now this happens. It's really weird. I am used to flash (install) custom roms on my phones and this never happened. Btw, this did not happen after I flashed the rom, it just did.
  3. Done fifty times. I will try to contact the Twitter account. Thanks. Still looking for answers! Please help!
  4. I've made the proper topic in the Spanish section. I hope in this forum I will get more atention. I can't get into any note. I tried everything. Erased cache, data, reinstalled rom, app, logged out, reset the phone, everything! But I still can log in Windows, Evernote Web and other phones. Btw, Android nor Evernote is updating or anything.
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