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  1. Try logging out with "Remove the data from this device" checked. This solved my problem on Windows 10.
  2. I have the same issue on windows 10 desktop client with my account switched to the personal plan. I have tried logging out and reinstalling the software. No luck. UPDATE: Problem solved after I logged out Evernote with option "Remove my data from this device" checked.
  3. Please consider adding "My day" like Microsoft to-do, which allows us to select tasks manually, without adding due date or reminder. Imagine there are ten or more tasks we have to deal with in one note.
  4. Wow, this is fantastic! This is a big move. Thank you evernote for not letting me regret staying here. It seems there is a chance 2021 would be better.
  5. Me too. I need points to upgrade my account, but now it's impossible to redeem.
  6. Reminders can be displayed in different group by notebook when we navigate notes by tag.
  7. I think i will come back to check the latest update about a year later 😅, or more ...
  8. Reminders tab ought to be viewed first when we navigate into any notebook or tag. It would be better if this can be set specifically in each notebook and tag.
  9. It would be better if this can be set specifically in each notebook and tag.
  10. No, without VPN, you can't access to your Evernote account. It won't sync.
  11. I have opened a thread asking for this feature. Please vote up if you think it is what you want.
  12. Bug report: Edit in a standalone window and close the note directly, edited content wouldn't be saved. PDF viewer is broken. Can't see anything but only a line. And this bug is still there: However, the new template feature and bold title really surprise me. This makes me feel EN is walking back on the right track.
  13. Yes, full support for Markdown (edit and display mode) on MAC client beta 1 (released yesterday), but read-only on other platforms right now (they said they are working hard to bring edit mode to every platform). They add another standalone button in side bar under the present “huge” New Note button. This will create a special note called "Markdown Note", which can not switch to old type Evernote note. I think this solution is not ideal and necessary for Evernote, because it's basically what Marxico can do right now. I wish Evernote original editor would evolve into a totally different, full-function tool for us, not this simple combination of two products. The best solution I can figure out is "block", like Notion.so (unfortunately, its UI is not best for personal note taking). Web clip note or paragraphs would be treated as "HTML" block, and our own notes would be "Markdown". This different type blocks can coexist in one note, not isolated notes, like what Chinese Evernote "YinXiang BiJi" is doing now. This would be a solution for conflicts between HTML code and Markdown syntax. I think EN team will not do that. They just want to keep the original editor simple and let third-party extensions do the other things. Partly, I agree with this thinking. However, the lack of “quote” and "code indentation and highlight" features really makes me feel the present editor is like a toy.
  14. Thanks for providing this useful information and the download link. I think EN team should listen more to their clients. Hope things will get better in the future.
  15. This beta version still has this bug. Wish it can be fixed recently.
  16. Today I found that my EN windows 10 client (version 6.6.45512) can't sync my notes, so I tried logging out. Then I found I could not login back. Things come back to normal when I install the latest stable version 6.13 GA. So, can anyone tell me what happened there? I really need the older version because all the latest updates are full of bugs. Thanks.
  17. Chinese version "YinXiangBiJi" is going to test native markdown support on Mac at the end of this August. Very curious what Evernote team will do.
  18. Right now, when I share an article with "MyEvernote" account in WeChat app, it would save this article into one of my evernote notebooks called "WeChat" and attach a tag "WeChat" to this note. But I really don't need this "WeChat" tag, because it's not compatible with my own tag naming convention. And I can't even rename it, or it will recreate another tag with the same name "WeChat". It would be much better if we could choose adding no tag to the saved notes. Thanks.
  19. Though I don't have latest beta version, I believe it would still have this problem. I have installed 6.10, 6.7.5, and both have this same bug. Until I roll back to 6.6.4, it's gone. So, this bug lasts for at least 8 months, for 6.7.5 was released that time. I think I will stick to 6.6.4 for a long time. The recent updates are all full of bugs. Umm... I would say that I feel a bit disappointed.
  20. Paste a note link and then highlight part of this link, then the rest would turn into plain text. Shown as attached file. I'm now on the latest stable version, on windows 10 with the latest updates installed.
  21. That works for me! Thanks! But I really fear evernote will fix this "bug" later ........
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