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  1. Understood,evernote fourm is useless while suggesting new ideas,I will contact chief product officer of evernote directly,let's see what happens Hope you carry your Mac on your shoulders,every time you feel like changing hierarchy in evernote
  2. You can't think of tags as folders,because tags are tags ,the world has gone mobile and ,if you can organise tags into complex hierarcy from mobile devices,then I rest my case,but guess what,you cannot,and its easier to implement that on stacks than on tags
  3. sorry,your solution is a work around for evernotes poor orgazinational functions and it sucks,think of stacks as folders,if one could have unlimited sub-stacks,you essentially solve the biggest and only flaw in evernote,if you can get evermore product managers attention on this,it would be cool,I am a product manager myself
  4. I have found an utterly simple way to fix organisation,that will be a game changer for evernote,allow stacks to be created under stacks,this way stacks function sort of like folders,allowing complex organisational structures to be put in place,omg I just solved evernotes number 1 problem for advanced users with tons of notes,kindly implement this asap
  5. I have been a long time evernote user,I recently migrated to one note due lack of orgizational structure in evernote,I badly miss evernote,but I won't return unless you introduce organization of stacks under other stacks if you go through the form you can read more about users struggle with your current organisation method,kindly look into this matter with outmost seriousness,thank you
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