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  1. "Evernote "Automatically save edited note" every X seconds? I've seen this option in Options/Settings in current EN but haven't noticed it before. What does it mean? Wasn't Evernote saving the notes automatically already? How does the setting affect the saving of notes? If the setting is every 30 seconds and system is powered off, do I lose the note withing the 30 seconds? What could be reason to increase the interval..
  2. EN Windows 10 app needs per-notebook sync rules. Windows 10 runs on tablets with 16, 32, 64gb. No matter how much disk space o a tablet, it's easy to hit the wall by having all notes downloaded. There is no fine-tuning on EN folders. The selection (whether to sync or not) exists only with folders that have been shared. All folders in the account need the option to decide if I want to sync the material to local device.
  3. Does Chromebook with the Chrome app count towards the 2 device limit with Basic accounts? How about an iOS app using Evernote API? Does it count?
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