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  1. Hello, Seems like this topic started back in 2014, and I'm still having the same issue! No fixes that really work, hey? Here is what's happening. While I am working on a note in the browser on Mac (happened in both Chrome and Safari), Evernote keeps creating a copy of my note every few minutes. It looks like it auto-saves the note, but instead of saving the new version on top of the old one, it creates a copy. While doing so, it looses the last minute or so of editing. Extremely annoying. I once tried to delete all the version except the last one, and the web interface dropped into deep thought for a few minutes, and when it came out of it, all of the versions were gone including the latest one. Thank God I copies everything into Word before doing that, otherwise I would have lost days of writing. Any suggestions what's going on and how to fix it? Cheers, Alina.
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