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  1. It's not unusual for me to have multiple Note Windows from different Personal and/or Business Notebooks open at once, some with multiple tabs. When I with switch between Personal and Business, then back to Personal again, I am losing context (not Evernote Context, but the Notes I have open). For example, in the first screenshot, I have caught the list of open Personal Notes, before switching to my Business Account. When I switch back to Personal, I have the same number of Windows open, but that are all duplicates of, what appears to be, the last active window. Hopefully that explains what I mean by context in this instance. Now please forgive me if I am jumping the gun, because you do seem to be on the path to where I would like to see the product - where I could retain open Windows (and Tabs) when I switch between Personal and Business - something which is a bit onerous in the most recent beta version. Keep up the great work.
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