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  1. I didn't see it mentioned on this thread, but in another one we were discussing the long-existing issue of Searches not highlighting the search text in found pages (this is only on the Mac version, I think). The workaround offered isn't very practical (go to each found page, hit enter on the search again) so I was hoping this would be fixed in 6.11. On the other thread the moderator said this was fixed in the Beta release, but I just tried and it still doesn't work.  Can one of the moderators here verify that the intention is to have this fixed in 6.11? 

    I like Evernote but using it is a struggle, as the only accepted app at work is OneNote (which sucks for Mac users), so I have to get security exception every few months for them to allow it to sync over the network.  Between that hassle and this bug, I'm seriously thinking of jumping to the (inferior, but functional) OneNote option.  Any hope?

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