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  1. I contacted customer service and, eventually, they helped me solve the problem.
  2. Keep trying to get in touch with Evernote tech staff on help line to check your files. You probably added the same file that made you crash last time. If you can remember the name of that file, delete it now and don't add it again. No rhyme or reason to this -- some files are just too data intensive and make it crash.
  3. The file causing the crash was a complicated, data heavy map from a municipality.
  4. Had same problem. Evernote tech support found a particular file I posted to Evernote that was causing the problem, though they could not determine exactly why. I deleted the file and the IOS program stopped crashing.
  5. Tried it all -- deleting app, rebooting, re-installing, etc. Nothing works. Wanted to use Evernote for everything. Pity.
  6. Deleted app, restarted, downloaded again. Same result. App opens and then kicks me out. Should I reboot, not just restart, before downloading the app a second time?
  7. I sign in to the IOS update on my iPhone or iPad app and I see my account momentarily before the site drops me and it shuts down. OK on my MacBook Pro, however. Advise?
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