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  1. NONE of the advice above actually works, to keep a convenient and permanent reference to the original note, which was originally shared via work chat, with full edit privileges to me. YES, one can make a distinct and separate copy of the note and save that copy in a notebook. This copy will NOT update as the person who originally shared the original note, updates the original note. Instead your copy will be a point-in-time snapshot of that note. Therefore, this is NOT a solution to keeping a reference to the actual live note of the other person. The "create link using the client" techniques just re-implement this point-in-time snapshot which isn't what I want on this occasion. ALTHOUGH one can make a new personal note, add a hyperlink, and use the URL which was provided in the work chat as the hyperlink, although the hyperlink appears to work initially, the hyperlink stops working if the browser tab is closed, the https://www.evernote.com/Home.action page is opened, the personal note is accessed, and the hyperlink clicked on once again. It says: "Can't open note. Either you need permission to access or the note was moved.". Although clicking on the original work chat again and accessing the note via that link does work, after which the hyperlink in the personal note resumes working too. Therefore, this is also NOT a solution to keeping a reference to the actual live note of the other person anywhere other than in the original work chat message. Any other ideas?
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