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  1. Yes! I wasn't aware of the Tag Picker feature and it works exactly as I suggested, but in a different location. Is that what I want on the left side Tag Tree!
  2. I know that Evernote doesn't organize because it stores the information. My suggestion is not an organization feature, but a very powerful way to search for related subjects stored linked by common tags. The search bar do a very good job, but what if you want to see related tags to find all notes that are linked to a group of tags? The display would not be confused if the leaf tags are loaded only when the root tag is clicked/selected, giving options to find a path. Indeed it's difficult to understand, but when you have hundreds and hundreds of notes and don't know exactly something you're searching for, the "tree view tag path" would be a perfect solution to find the notes. Imagine this hypothetical scenario: I work with databases as DBA and have hundreds of notes with scripts/commands information. Once I forgot the syntax for a specific command, but I knew it was stored with tags "db2" and "restore". I searched for these two words, and hundreds of notes appeared. I didn't remembered yet the specific word I was searching, but I knew it was somewhere in Evernote. Since I have a lot of tags, if I click on "db2" tag, more than 200 notes shows up. Then, clicked on "restore", more than 400 notes appeared (because "restore" is a common tag for a lot of database vendors which I work). If this feature I'm proposing existed, I would have: 1) clicked tag "db2" and the "restore" would be visible below "db2"; 2) then clicked the "restore" leaf tag; 3) I should see familiar tags below "restore" leaf like "redirect" (this tag I had on that note and when I saw it memories started to flash); 4) and then, finally, "incremental" below "redirect", the specific tag I was looking for. Without this feature I had to search "db2 redirect" on search bar and more than 150 notes appeared with these 2 words, and them I had to search one by one until find the desired note. The propposed way: db2 --> restore --> redirect --> incremental Did I explained it clear enough? Please let me know.
  3. I wish that Evernote organizes the tag Tree View recursively. I set a lot of related Tags to my notes and that would be awesome to navigate through in a recursive treeview. Example: Two notes with 3 tags each one: i) Feature, Text, Evernote ii) Feature, Picture, Evernote Should be seen as below (if all nodes are expanded): - Evernote - Feature - Text - Picture - Picture - Feature - Text - Feature - Feature - Evernote - Text - Picture - Picture - Evernote - Text - Evernote - Picture - Evernote - Feature - Feature - Evernote - Text - Evernote - Feature - Feature - Evernote PS: To reduce CPU usage all lower level leafs should appear only when the upper lead is expanded.
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