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  1. You know Evernote can see their users demographics so if there's a good number of Arab users this should make this feature a priority, right?!
  2. Any one knows when will the application support RTL for Arabic users???!!!
  3. How is it possible to print each note on a paper after I merge the notes
  4. Hello Having a problem in desktop version, when I copy text from an Arabic website into the note it gets aligned LTR so editing becomes a mess, how can I use the RTL? there's no option i the toolbar.
  5. Hello It seems that this option " Print each note on a separate page" is not working, because it's still printing multiple notes on one page
  6. Hello I use Chrome on my phone and I need to share to a notebook that I choose in Evernote! How is that possible?
  7. Hello I want to use the local notebook and allow others on the same network to work on the same notes, any help on that?
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