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  1. Hi everyone. Thanks for your replies. I did not find a solution to my problem. I have been paying customer for Evernote Premium for 3 years. I have contacted Support by chat and direct message on Twitter. However, their suggestions have not solved this problem. Those scanned files did not upload into Evernote either. In an earlier forum, someone mentioned that they were successful in retrieving their scans by downloading iExplorer and moving the scans onto the computer.

    Here is that discusson:   

    I have tried iExplorer and iMazing, but I am not having any luck. With that software, I can get other items from my iPhone, but I cannot access items in Scannable. I am pretty much resigned to the fact that I will probably lose those scans, and I have stopped using Scannable. Any other suggestions are welcome, but it seems that I am just out of options.


  2. iPhone 5 iOS 10.2.1, Scannable 2.2 

    I am having the same problem that a number of users have described over the past 2 years or so. I scanned several items, and now I cannot access them. I see the thumbnails, and the scan tray is visible. However, if I tap on any of the images, the app crashes and closes immediately. I can drag images into the trashcan, but that is it. I cannot open the scans to preview them or to share them. I tried rebooting the phone, and I have tried opening it in airplane mode.  The scans did not even sync with Evernote, and I have it set to do that. I have an Evernote Premium account, so space should not be an issue. I downloaded iExplorer (as someone suggested in an earlier thread) and tried to access the items on my MacBook, but I only ended up with an empty zip file.

    I have not tried to uninstall/reinstall the app. I assume that I will lose those scans if I uninstall the app. Unfortunately, that may be my only option. Otherwise, I had been happy with the app. The quality of the scans has been awesome, but that is of no use if I cannot access the scans or if they are lost. Has anyone figured out what's going on? Any new suggestions?


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