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  1. Speed and lag Issues continue

    Ive been an Evernote user for 9 years, premium since inception.  

    Uninstall and reinstall did nothing 

    corresponded with EN tech support and their only advice was hopefully we'll be able to update and improve on these performance issues... 

    onenote's easy migration is luring many folks (my friends and family) away from EN due to this issue. 


  2. I'm having issues with iOS EN.  Laggy, slow - hesitates... both on iPad and iPhone.   Super frustrating.  Deleted app, reinstalled - still same issue.  Editing / opening simple text notes is often excruciating- especially when you are in front of a client or customer and it freezes up - love that about V 8.   Very disappointed.  

  3. I'm also having major performance issues with latest iOS update.  iPhone 6s with plenty of space, notes are downloaded, still have to wait 5-7 seconds several times a day when trying to access "normal" text notes.  These are not memory heavy files with graphics pictures or audio files but simple text files...  I've deleted app, reinstalled and still have same issues.  Been an Evernote user for 9 years, i thought we were past the point of laggy performance.  We've battled this numerous times over the years and was hoping it was behind us.   Asthetics, functionality, you can argue left and right but simple speed for text notes should be a given of a V. 8.0.   Disappointed EN user... 

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