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  1. Hey, thanks for the feedback. i wrote a new version that works without any login-credentials. It exports an Evernote-Enex-File which you can import in Evernote. Here is how it works here is the deelink to that tool https://annoyingdev.com/save-code-with-highlighting-on-evernote if you are interested i'm planning to make a youtube video how i created that.
  2. Hi, as a longterm Evernote-user and a developer, this is a must-have feature for me. Especially Syntax-highlighting, space-stability (eg. for python) and output-result on all clients is essential. So i came with a custom solution by using pygments on Python. This allows me to render code-xml that is tailored to Evernotes restricted xml-dialect, so the result looks the same on the latest browser and Evernote-clients. Unfortunately there is no library in JS that fulfills this requirements, so i wrote an aws-lambda-microservice for it and a vue-js page to make it accessible. It create an Evernote-export-file (.enex) with the information of: - title (the notes title) - language (the code languages - current it supports 100 languages from abab to YAML) - the author (if needed) which you can import to Evernote. At the moment it just support one code per note. If you need several code-blocks in one note, you can copy from a note and paste. It works for me so far, if you are interested, i have an idea for an editor, where you can enter mixed-content and save the note direct to Evernote per API. This is how it works Here is the deeplink of that tool https://annoyingdev.com/save-code-with-highlighting-on-evernote ps. - this tool is free, i try to keep that as stable as possible. if you find issues, just send me a message. I'm looking forward for your feedbacks.
  3. Hey, i came with the same problem and ended up in writing a microservice that uses a modified pygments for evernote. http://evercode.level96.de/ it supports all languages which pygments supports. http://pygments.org/docs/lexers/ You can choose between several styles like monokai, emacs etc. It comes with no registration, just login with your evernote-account via oauth, choose a style a filetype, paste a code preview and submit to your evernote account. In the most case line number is fine, but in some cases it may look broken (Evernote Web-Client), so deactivate it. The Service doesn't store any data. The main Logic is in the screenshot, the data is save in a django session, which expires after some hours. You might login with evernote again if your session ends. If you are interesst in the code or want me openSource it, just tell me. Its completely free, so i don't guarantee for any availabilty, broken stuffs or SLA. May it help you to get more productive with evernote and your code. Regards
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