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  1. Thanks for sharing your views on the Premium upgrade and now I understand how it will fit better for my needs. My whole focus is to have Evernote capture most, if not all, of my hard copy documents and web info. I like the fact that you also are making use of your phone camera to capture everything as was also suggested by DTLow vs jumping in and getting a scanner right away. Thanks!
  2. Great tips! Your feedback is extremely helpful. Going to dive into tags and the Scannable app. Thanks for giving me a great start!
  3. I feel totally out of the loop when it comes to using technology to keep me on top of my personal life. In the last 6 months, I have the tools (MAC, iPad, iPhone - learning as we speak) and I understand that Evernote ties it not only the tools, but what is in my head. I'm in my 60's caring for my 90 yr old parents and my grandkids and I need an outside source other than my overwhelmed brain to refer to. I'd love recommendations on 1 - using notebooks to manage my tax/household expenses, my folks' medical docs, eliminate hard copy filing (is a scanner the answer?). 2 - capturin
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