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  1. I have used MathType for years. It works great in Word 2011. Note that every time MS updates Word, I have to reinstall it. MathType does not work yet in Word 2016 (Mac). I prefer MathType to MS's Equation Editor. I just discovered MathType could be used with Evernote.: http://www.dessci.com/en/products/MathType/works_with.asp#!target=evernote. I just tested it. I could drag and drop into Evernote. I could also copy/paste from MathType to Evernote. I was unable to go the other direction. I could not find a vertical alignment option in Evernote so you will want the equation to be on its own line. I will be in touch with Design Science on both issues. I teach technology math at a University. I am working with my students to learn to use Evernote to organize their time. My students have so much work to do, they drastically need it.
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