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  1. I need space on my hard drive (MacBook Air running Catalina) so that I can upgrade to Big Sur. When I run my hard drive usage it shows Evernote with 2GB of memory usage on my hard drive. Can I move my Evernote files to my external drive? If yes, how? Where are the Evernote files stored? I thought all of my clippings and documents were stored on Evernote's web server.
  2. I downloaded a pdf on a web site and saved to a file in my evernote. All of that went fine but I cannot seem to close the evernote black box. I'm running Mac High Sierra and Chrome. Used to be a white X in the upper corner to close the evernote screen but I cannot find it. Nothing seems to close the capture screen.
  3. How do I make the evernote screen larger? When I have a page from a website that I want to clip to evernote, I click the elephant icon and the evernote screen comes on so small and with dark background that I can hardly read it. I've used evernote for some time and don't recall the screen being this small in fact it used to almost fill the right hand pane of my desktop screen.
  4. I just wrote a note into Notes on my El Capitan. Share menu did not include Evernote and nothing I did would add it to the share menu. I cut and pasted the note into a Pages document then shared it to Evernote as a pdf. Deleted the Pages file and everything is as I want it.
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