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  1. I have just noticed that my credit card has been deducted 59.99 instead of the 39.99 I paid last year. My problem is that while I may have agreed to have my subscription renewed automatically, that was of course based on the assumption that the amount stays the same! There might have been an email sent around in June 2016 about this increase but I did not see it. My guess it was probably wrapped up with a fluffy subject like "What is new and exciting with Evernote", which did not warrant an instant read or a 'save-for-later' status. What I would have expected is to receive an email in advance of the increase renewal amount being deducted from my account to ask whether I was still okay with this. That did not happen. Instead this feels like I am being conned into a 50% hike in price - with nothing to show in return for this increase. Can anyone in Evernote explain to me the reason for this callus behaviour towards your paying customers. Judging from this forum it would seem I am not the only one that is royally p...ed off.
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