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  1. Same would be the case with me as well. 'Quick notes' is THE major part of my workflow, when it comes to EN in Android . If that's not going to be available, I need to seriously reconsider Evernote. Downgraded to 8.13 version and started some trial running with Notion and Joplin. It's not just the lack of the feature in the latest version alone, the non-mentioning of the this, in future roadmap, as well is worrisome...sad
  2. Hi all, My Web-clipper [v7.12.6.2] in my PC [Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64], Chrome [v83.0.4103.116] is not working and displays the following error. Clipper has encountered an error Unknown error occurred. UNK/UNK {} The log I see has this error predominantly. WRN: DB set value error: UnknownError Internal error opening backing store for indexedDB.open. Can some one help me out in fixing this? This is the first time I face such an issue in all these years. I refreshed the browser couple of times, even uninstalled & re-installed the extension as well, and they did not help me. Thanks, Gnana
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