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  1. I think gazumped was correct that I was receiving the error message because the note itself is over 25 MB. I exported the note, then edited the .enex file, broke the note up into multiple pieces, imported the note back in, then moved the notes to the local notebook. The reason I edited the .enex file was because I wanted to preserve the original dates, authors, etc information contained in the note.
  2. I am running Evernote on Windows 7 Professional, Evernote version Basic package. I am trying to copy notes from a synced notebook to a local notebook. When I copy a note that is 30 MB to the local notebook, I receive an "upload limit reached" error. If I look at my account information on the web version of Evernote, it says I have 60 MB remaining. I have verified that my local notebook is indeed a local notebook. Why am I receiving this message about my upload limit reached, since I am copying the note to a local notebook?
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