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  1. No. Set-up test reminders for the past week and none came through. However, Evernote's Help Desk was awesome. They confirmed that this was an issue with other users and their developers were working on a fix. Ava from Customer Service was in constant contact with me throughout the entire exercise / ordeal. This is a great company.
  2. All platforms. I have Receive reminder emails checked. Going crazy trying to figure this out. Doing a test from my boss's account for tomorrow so will see what happens.
  3. Yes - just stopped receiving my email reminder list last week. They are not going to my junk or spam mail and the feature is activated. I changed nothing and after two years it no longer works. I support the President and CEO of a billion dollar company and rely heavily on this feature. I have reminders scheduled all the way out to two years. I am trying to get Evernote Support to get back to me as our IT team is stumped as well. This is a disaster.
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