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  1. Seems after upgrading to Evernote 7.0, it's now sending me a notification everytime I move a note from one notebook to another. ... I'm not really sure why I would be getting a notification about this, since I'm the one who is moving the file. On the same computer I'm getting the notification on. Are there even other notifications? I don't see any configuration to select which ones to show - and at this point, unless I see some other value I'm going to just remove Evernote's rights to notify me. Would much prefer the option to just turn that notification off or at least have evernote get smarter about when it shows it.
  2. I often want to copy content from my outlook into Evernote - keeping track of important emails, or tracking the agenda I set for a meeting. However, it often turns into a mess when I paste - especially anything with bullet points - Then I have to go through and re-format again. Be great to see this fixed so I can copy and paste with minimal ease.
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