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  1. The most critically value from Evernote or similar tools is finding your data easily. With no archive feature, you may have to find your file among hundreds of useless search results.
  2. PDF is one of the most common extension and I am bored of using Evernote on the web. There is no desktop version for Linux. Every time I need to read a PDF I have to download it again. This feature should not be limited to just PDF viewing. Annotation is also a must have feature to keep notes inline within the content of the file. PDF.js works fine for me just to view it in browser but that's not enough.
  3. Offline notebooks doesn't allow us to keep the workplace lean. Also I don't need to deal with multiple Evernote accounts and transferring notes just to have a basic archive feature. I found a much more convenient solution already with Pocket + Evernote integration. I am using Pocket most of the time since it is much lighter and reading is much more comfortable in it. Pocket has archiving feature and searching only in archive or everywhere is your choice.
  4. Everyone here is aware that Evernote is a cloud service. The thing is that Evernote doesn't selectively sync on mobile. So in my case Evernote syncs around 500MB of outdated notes that I no longer need to see on every device and in every searches. No matter if I have space or not. This is just a preference of keeping workplace lean. Nobody keeps 10 years of papers on their desk. They just keep those papers that they are actively working on. As a paying Evernote user I should have the right to decide how many recent files to keep within immediate reach at my workplace.
  5. I am using Evernote since 2008 for research purposes and I can no longer keep syncing everything (20K+ notes) on all mobile devices. That's why I started to use Pocket instead of Evernote for saving text-only web content. It is much lighter than Evernote. Pocket allows me to keep the latest content I need to work with on my mobile and limit sync storage on the device to any size I need. I suggest anyone who is in need of archiving to try Pocket. IFTTT allows two way integration between Evernote and Pocket. When I use a specific tag on Evernote / Pocket it is synced to the other platform almost immediately.
  6. This request is nothing about notes. It is about Notebooks. The request is the same as folders in sync with Google Drive and Dropbox. I sync just a few folders with my Google Drive and I did the same with Dropbox as well. Why should I sync everything on my Evernote if I need just the current files that I work on? Who needs to sync many GB of archived files to every device or OS instead of active notebooks that they work on? If Evernote allowed selective sync and optionally searching in archive no one would sync everything to every device and OS they use. I don't need my client's Notebooks that I finished working on 10 years ago on my mobile devices. On my Ubuntu I use Whatever a third party online Evernote client instead of Evernote Desktop running with Wine. I removed Evernote from my mini tablet completely because of lacking this feature. Hopefully I will not have to do the same on my mobile as well.
  7. There is still no progress in this topic. Soon my mini tablet will go out of space and I will have to uninstall Evernote permanently. I am not going to use mobile web browser to use Evernote on mobile.
  8. Normally I don't want to change the stack or notebook to archive my notes. It is just a workaround and another ineffective way of avoiding the clutter.
  9. I am also addressing archiving notes. I meant "archive" is not usable without tags. Archiving tags may not be needed at least in my case since I don't use tags in a way that will be used for a short time. I have a few hundreds of tags and many of them are used for tens to hundreds of times. Instead I try to put archived notes under separate stacks but that doesn't leave them out of search results and with every search leaving them out of search results via search parameters is not a feasible way.
  10. Manually marking thousands of notes with the "archive" tag, then removing thousands of existing tags to avoid the clutter, and using a single tag for all notes in the archive is making good sense !
  11. Archiving is a must have feature to avoid clutter in the current workspace. It is not a reasonable way to export notes out of Evernote's database that will exclude tags, image search and many other sorting / filtering features.
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