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  1. one more thing... As I was shifting from evernote international to yinxiang, I found another troubling thing... I can not login to evernote web clipper extension in Firefox because it doesn't have any option to change to evernote Yinxiang
  2. Hi @amanda_h I have read your mail. But I still have few queries. because my email is same for both accounts... how will work chat behave in this situation?? If someone using international Evernote version sends me a work chat message... will I be able to receive it on my Yinxiang work chat??
  3. My ticket # is 2015202 and I haven't heard anything from the support team until now
  4. HI, i am Evernote basic user, and wanted to upgrade to Evernote plus. I live in China, and It was not feasible for me to use visa card. So i purchased Evernote Plus from Chinese Evernote website. https://app.yinxiang.com/ using union pay. I used the same email address as I am using for my Evernote Basic account. but apparently now I have two Evernote accounts with same email address. one that I already had. and the new one is only for Chinese version of Evernote. But I wanted to upgrade my account to Evernote Plus, not creating a new account with evernote plus subscription. Please help me to merge both accounts. as they have same email address.