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  1. Is this possible in Evernote 10.14.7 win? It would be great if there is other shortcuts for highlight colour, i.e. YELLOW - ctrl + shift + h, GREEN - ctrl + shift + h + 1, BLUE - ctrl + shift + h + 2. Now, I can only use the yellow one with the shortcut. Any solutions or suggestions?
  2. Is this possible in Evernote 10.8.5 win? It would be great if there is other shortcuts for highlight color i.e. yellow - ctrl shift h, green - ctrl shift h 1, blue - ctrl shift h 2. Now, I can only use yellow with the shortcut.
  3. I'm a user who is thinking about whether I should leave the evernote or not. Everyone around me is saying "why on earth you don't you move into Notion." So I checked that briefly. There's still some problems and bugs but it was wonderful experience. Now I wonder why the major update developers and CEO said the beginning of the year hasn't come out yet. I need completely new search algorithm that can search hashtag and search-operators(wildcards), use filtering and having good Japanese and Korean searching availability. When it comes to searching in Japanese or Korean, the program always stops for a seconds (sometimes a minute). It still remains like that. New design and UX, etc: Esp, Improvement of link colour and tag colour (what is that ugly lines when using Evernote Windows on Top List View) Tree: Stack - Notebook, there are just 2 levels of node. Why the hell should it be? Bad spreadsheet feature. Just I cannot use it. and more.
  4. I've had the same experience too. Win 7 x64, i5-2500, 8 GB, ... I think this is not a problem of my hardwares. Evernote for Windows. This version (and older versions maybe too) might have a bug I think. I didn't check the 'search notes' function but I definitely have a problem searching words and lttrs on the notes having attached pdf files. When finding that in the note by doing a ctrl+F key, I cannot find the lettters and sometimes no counting of lttrs also. I already did uninstall and reinstall.
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