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  1. I'm a user who is thinking about whether I should leave the evernote or not. Everyone around me is saying "why on earth you don't you move into Notion." So I checked that briefly. There's still some problems and bugs but it was wonderful experience. Now I wonder why the major update developers and CEO said the beginning of the year hasn't come out yet. I need completely new search algorithm that can search hashtag and search-operators(wildcards), use filtering and having good Japanese and Korean searching availability. When it comes to searching in Japanese or Korean, the program al
  2. I've had the same experience too. Win 7 x64, i5-2500, 8 GB, ... I think this is not a problem of my hardwares. Evernote for Windows. This version (and older versions maybe too) might have a bug I think. I didn't check the 'search notes' function but I definitely have a problem searching words and lttrs on the notes having attached pdf files. When finding that in the note by doing a ctrl+F key, I cannot find the lettters and sometimes no counting of lttrs also. I already did uninstall and reinstall.
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