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  1. Thanks. I should have been more specific in my earlier post. The main enhanced feature i would use is the shared spaces. As I see it now, there isn't any way to invite someone to look at something in one of my Notebooks unless they also have a paid seat on the business plan. It would be very nice and useful to be able to invite a guest to view and comment, on a per occasion invitation only basis, without them having any rights to create new Notebooks or Notes.
  2. I think EN doesn't really understand its own business model. I have mentioned previously that I would be willing to pay a reasonable monthly subscription fee for a premium individual user account that had access to enhanced features but EN insists all or nothing; basic or business. I don't have a business and don't intend to but as an individual I could use the enhanced features.
  3. Thank you. Change what? When I click on go to notebooks from the Setttings page, I still get the same recycling "We don't support" window. And what changed between yesterday and today?
  4. Using Web (Epiphany) browser. Until today, I received the attached window re unsupported browser with an option to continue through to the older version. That always worked - until today. Now when I click on continue to the older version, EN just keeps reloading this same page that I have attached. Same thing happens with Pale Moon browser.
  5. If you have their ear, please convey that I would be happy to pay a reasonable "premium" fee for single user access to enhanced features.
  6. It's not a huge deal. The "new" look was nice but I can live with the "old" one happily :) I just wanted to be able to use a custom template as a template is meant to be used - i.e. you create it, save it and then copy and re-use it ad infinitum. I can probably work around. I think I don't need this little table I created to be completely mobile and accessible from everywhere so I can use a nice little desktop note app like Cherrytree for this specific purpose. I don't want to be bothered with manipulating a mammoth word processing program to do it. Frankly, I'm a little surprised that EN doesn't show more love for its web version. Increasingly people are using web apps and cloud services of all types. In my normal day I do very little on the desktop these days.
  7. @gazumped: Thank you. Except when I login with the web version, at first I am presented with a window telling me that my team as switched to the new version that has Spaces, and I can either download a desktop version of EN or use Chrome, neither of which I want to do. So I continue on to the previous web version. Once there, in my drop down pane for logout etc. there is the option to go to the new web version but that link just takes me back to the inital window about download or Chrome. About a week ago, a normal login just took me to the new version with dark theme (which I rather liked) but no more. I didn't change any settings. What did EN change? I would be happy to pay a reasonable monthly fee for some sort of "premium" edition but @ $9.95 for a single user it doesnt' make sense, especially compared to the suite of apps I get from Zoho for just $3USD per month. Admittedly, their Notebook is nowhere near EN but I'm just sayin'.
  8. Thank you. It appears that you have somehow designated the note as a template. I haven't done that - at this point, it's just a note I created that contains the table I want to duplicate each day. I'm sorry - I forgot to specify in my first post that I'm using the web versioin of EN.
  9. A couple of searches didn't turn up a direct answer for this question. I have created a little table in a note for a task I do everyday. I would like to be able to copy or duplicate it each day into a new note. How to do? Thank you.
  10. Web client on Linux Is it possible to change the default font size in Notes, either universally or by particular note? I would prefer to set 18 as the default so Notes are more legible on my phone's display. I tend to have short Notes so space on the display isn't often an issue. Thanks.
  11. @borgille: Ah ha! Yes, I do use an ad blocker so I'll whitelist EN and see if that improves things. Thanks.
  12. So, in the face of all that why would one want to continue using EN? As reported above, this issue seems to have resolved itself on Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon 3.6.7 with Pale Moon browser but other small issues keep arising that would be trivial to fix if someone at EN was paying attention and cared about their web edition. Zoho now has Notebook, which doesn't have anywhere near the tag and search capability of EN but may be sufficient for some people's needs.
  13. This issue seems to have rectified itself on my machine. However, other issues keep arising intermittently. The sign in page is now hiccuping sometimes. For these and other reasons, I'm quite seriously underwhelmed with the EN web edition, given how much of what we do on and with the internet is cloud-based in one way or another. Unfortunately, cloud-based alternatives are not that plentiful if one refuses to be ensnared in the clutches of google or microsoft.
  14. The body of notes not loading in right hand viewing pane. List of notes loads fine in left hand pane and title of note loads in right hand pane but no body and can't enter new text in the note. This has been happening intermittently for several days. Help or solution much appreciated. Linux Mint 18.1/Cinnamon 3.2.7 desktop/Pale Moon browser
  15. @csihilling Thanks but it didn't work on the Web edition accessed with Firefox running on Linux Mint. @DTLow It's surprising that a user can't set a default to a notebook that they use most often, but thanks for the info.
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