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  1. For years through all the changes, updates, new features, personnel a dark mode has been requested. In all this time, if no one employed at Evernote has the technical no-how (Highly Unlikely) to answer this request they could have hired someone. How could they go through all these evolutions and neglect to address I would imagine the most requested feature change. It was for this cause I dropped my premium subscription. They are not supplying premium features.
  2. Got a survey last week about improving Evernote. It seemed more about pricing structure rather than any other functionality improvements. Of course I did respond to other improvements with "DARK THEME" - "DARK THEME" - "DARK THEME". I have given up hope that they will respond to any requests for a dark theme. Almost every other application seems to be heading that way (ie Microsoft Office) even Apple seems to at least looking that way with the new iPhone update but it too still needs improvement. While Evernote remains unresponsive.
  3. If Evernote was to ask its users I would be willing to bet at least 75% or more of them would prefer a dark option
  4. Evidently no one at Evernote has ever attempted to work on a document while flying transcontinental when the plane is darkened. Even lowering the brightness of my iPad doesn't help. And worse your seat mate complains about the brightness distracting them. I have given up and like others. I may go back to premium if Evernote gives us an option
  5. This has been a request to Evernote for about 3 years. We are not asking to have a black background for everybody only for those who choose to use it. If any thing they should have the option of a dark note background with the white header
  6. I will not be renewing my subscription either. I would like to go back to an earlier release when presentation mode was available. that was the way I used to get the black background but they also took presentation mode away
  7. This request has been asked for for years now... but still ignored Another thing that was done without considering the users was to remove the presentation mode. Along with making presentations when my eyes would tire I would switch to presentation mode which had a black background to review what I had written. But it also was removed. It was one of the reasons I started paying for it. I even asked if there was a way to revert back to the earlier version and was told I could not. Looking at the many requests in this forum they would do something to respond to them. It appears that what the customer wants doesn't move them. It is an excellent program, but when my subscription ends I will not be renewing it.
  8. Will not be paying next year if a dark theme is not available
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